We are in our fourth year of the annual Me AfterWork Workshop. The premise of this workshop has and still is - taking two days at the start of the year to set yourself up for 2019. 

This year, we are focusing on getting clear about what we want MORE of in our lives and what we want LESS of - so the path is best prepared for finding alignment and staying there.

The Organisers

Celeste Moroney, Founder of Me AfterWork and Run Partners Marketing. Believer that balance and alignment comes through expanding our awareness. Advocate of 'less is more'... and seeks to live it. 

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  • LESS perfection and MORE experimentation?

  • LESS  busy and MORE flow?

  • LESS head talk and MORE intuition?  

  • LESS anxiety and MORE confidence? 

  • LESS self doubt and MORE self worth? 

  • LESS confusion and MORE clarity?

  • LESS superficiality and MORE intimacy? 

  • LESS of what others expect and MORE of you?

  • LESS going through the motions and MORE meaning? 

  • LESS serious and MORE fun? 

Do you want... 

This Two Day Workshop Starts before the workshop...... 

January is a peak period for reflection and planning but most of our new years resolutions are long forgotten by Blue Monday (15th of January). Our goal is to support you to spend the holidays talking to yourself. Asking yourself questions to get to know yourself on a whole new level. The questions will be supported by a personal life and career audit to help you hone in on the areas to focus on during the workshop.

Welcome to Day 1. 

This is where you open yourself completely up to expanding on your existing thinking, your attachments, how you see life, the patterns you are running, your belief systems, and the environment that you have created to support this. 

Expansion through Intuition: 

When we tap into our intuition, not only does the information flow freely to us, we gain the courage to trust this information and to act on it.

On Day 1 we will teach you how to listen into your deepest intuition and make decisions that feel ‘right’. By the end of the workshop you’ll notice your anxiety has lessened and you’ll be able to make the changes necessary with a sense of peace and clarity. You’ll feel more in flow and be able to fully embrace living in the present..

Using your own powerful intuition and working in small groups, we will take you through some tried and tested intuitive exercises that are a lot of fun! You don’t need prior intuitive experience, these exercises are about opening you up to your own intuitive super powers (which we all have!). You will learn about your Intuitive Zones, be guided through meditations and uncover answers and solutions to your big plans forward for 2019, including solid steps that you can take going forward. 

You do some work solo, some in a group. Which gives you the benefit of listening to your own voice directly and also your voice indirectly, when others share. 

A big day of expanding your awareness. Finding out what is and isn’t in alignment with who you truly are. 

With your expanded view and intuition, today you move into building your holistic personal / professional vision and vision board for YOUR 2019. 

The variety of experiential tools and activities will challenge your mind, body and spirit and move you out of your comfort zone.

Together we’ll work out how bad do you really want something, and what are you willing to do to go get it. What you have to do MORE or LESS of and what boundaries you need to put in place.

Expect to leave Day 2 inspired, and with clarity about the top three things you can do in 2019 to find alignment.

1. A stronger sense of alignment. 

2. You feel like a weight has been lifted. That’s what clarity brings. That’s what taking quality time to reflect on what you want more of and want you want less of, gets you. 

3. You will also feel more enthusiastic about how 2019 will unfold, the role you play, and the change you will see in your life and in you, from the start to the end of the year. 

4. More Clarity around what it is you want 2019 to be for you, i.e. three tightly focussed objectives for 2019 based on how you want to feel. 

5. More Connection with you and where you are headed which flows through to everyone of your relationships (work, family, friends, partner). 

7. More confidence around owning and actioning your 2019. 



20 Seats Only


54 Park Street, Sydney. Corner of Elizabeth and Park. Right next door to Hyde Park.


9th February 9.30am-4.30pm

10th February 9.30am-4.30pm


Early Bird before 31 Dec $397.00. 

Couple or bring a bestie before 31 Dec $750.00

Single Ticket after 31 Dec $497.00

Previous Attendee: $325.00

What 2 days Gets You





1. Looking for further expansion in your life

Not just for talk sake, but for real sake. Irrespective if you have experienced diversity, contentment or a fabulous 2018, you are looking to broaden your horizons. To step out, up and around, and open yourself to more of life and people that can help. 

2. Sick of repeating the same patterns

Whether it’s your intimate relationships, your job, your general disposition, the people you attract, how you respond to change, living on autopilot, the story you tell yourself, how you feel on certain days of the week, your sleeping patterns, ‘being busy’, etc 

3. You feel stuck

You feel like you are have dug yourself a hole and don’t know how to climb out. You may feel fear or a lack of desire about something specific or how you are living your life.  You don’t know how to unstuck yourself.


75 year Harvard Study, 1939-2014

The quality of relationships - how much vulnerability and depth exists within them; how safe you feel sharing with one another; the extent to which you can relax and be seen for who you truly are, and truly see another - Is the biggest predictor of your happiness and fulfilment. 

Growing in Vulnerability

Australians rank work-life balance right at the top of the priority list when asked what matters the most. However, as women our wellbeing trails unemployed people. 

OECD Better Life Index

The 2018 Global Executive Report

Restoring Balance

The Workshop

Alignment: Going Within

This Workshop is for you if you...


"I wish I lived true to myself versus what others expected of me' - One of the top regrets people have at the end of their life.

Bronnie Ware 

Living with intention

Bella Zanesco, Founder of Fully Expressed, Career Acceleration Strategist & World Champion Athlete. Global Best-selling Author of Smart Girls Screw Up Too. Passionate about supporting executives love Mondays, be Fully Expressed and financially abundant.

Sheila Vijeyarasais is a Corporate Warrior (CFO of a Global Publishing Company) and an Intuition Leadership Expert. Sheila is also the Founder of Awaken with Sheila. She is a spiritual teacher, mentor and intuitive counsellor. 

Sydney, 9th & 10th February